Our Story

At Strive we believe that every object, person, place and community has a story.

The Beginning

In May 2016, the Activate Lafayette pilot program began. The City of Lafayette was awarded an "Activating Places and Spaces Together" grant from the Colorado Health Foundation.

The goal of Activate Lafayette is to develop a new community-wide mobile phone app to connect and engage users in public spaces, trails, parks, etc. 

activate lafayette.jpg

The Baraboo River Tour


To promote recreational tourism along the Baraboo River, a marketing grant funded the local StriveOn project.  After downloading the app, users can take a stroll on the riverwalk through Lower Ochsner Park, listen to a historical narrative about the Island Woolen Mill, view photos of the park's early days, and provide feedback on the riverfront amenities. The StriveOn app is being used to promote education, promote health, and to generate critical analytics for river boosters. 


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